Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

was pretty much one of the most (with the exception of 2 incidents) stress free
Christmases I can remember.
It consisted of, 3 santa parades, 1 santa photo sitting, numerous santa 'sightings'
3 Christmas lunches and a whole heap of toys.

lunch number 1. Jacob with Grammy (DH's mum)

Ebs with Grammy

me n Ebs with some yummy yummy yummy (ok freaking delish) christmas ice cream pudding made by DH's mum.. This pudding was published in the women's weekly in about 1979 and has been made every year since - I've only come to know it in the last 5 or so years!

Gav with the kids leaving out our home made and iced gingerbread bikkies..
me with the same!

yes yes.. another o+s sundress.. and a pair of
little explorer shorts which you can see better in the photo below...

delish rocky road ice cream pudding.. yum yum


pencil cases for the neices and nephew...
and a pair of shorts and two o+s popover sundresss with yo-yo flower broches
and Christmas is done :)

Hope yours was a good one!

poor neglected blog..

yes i know the last post was in October. Its been nearly 2 months. yes, I am slack, yes Mum, I will post some pics.. so here goes!

in no particular order

above is another o+s sundress made for Miss Eb's first birthday party.. i still can't believe my little girl has turned 1! time goes sooo quick! fabric was a recentish etsy purchase - cant remember the name but will find later on!

the beginnings of a shiner for miss Eb's courtesy of her big brother.. poor little thing looked like she had been in a bar fight!

a set of little explorer shorts for our friend Nathan who turned 3 at the end of November. Shirt was courtesy of best & less with a car sewn on it!

my little santas.. (who hate having their pic taken!!)

Jacob icing gingerbread bikkies.. yummo! hope to make this a 'regular' Christmas tradition! very very yummy!

another o+s sundress made for a friends cousin. This is take 2 as I stuffed up sooo badly on the buttonholes of take 1 - mental note that when you start getting tired, its a good time to turn OFF the sewing machine and go to bed.

(more to follow.. need to download from camera!)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Opening Day part 2!

yay! my lovely parcel postie arrived this morning - and in his truck of goodies had a surprise for miss Ebony courtesy of Mel (orange-limes)

In it was a beautiful little bag (love love love the fabric choice BTW.. ) and a sweet little doll hiding inside.

(there really are two ears - just trying to take a quick pic before Ebony snatched it back!)

thank you so much for the gift Mel!

ok just had a look at this post and realised that the bright outdoors did the beautiful colours of the doll no justice at all and shot some inside ones..


Opening Day!

I've participated in the EB beginners sewing group stocking filler swap!
I nominated to make 2 gifts and receive a gift for both Jacob & Ebony!

The first item is for Jacob which was made by Aimee - was a lovely crayon roll made out of Thomas the Tank Engine fabric.! Aimee was also nice enough to include some TTTE stickers, coloring in book and sticker book! Good pick Aimee, we are TTTE mad in this house!

Not sure why Jacob is looking like a stunned mullet this morning - maybe he woke up too early!

Thanks again Aimee, and also a big thank you to Emma for organising the swap!

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Wedding...!

After 3 days of trying to get blogspot to upload my pics.. heres a small selection..

Bridal party - yep the best man is really a best woman..

me squinting a bit cos of the sun..

Jacob and Ebony .. My granny reckons that Ebony looked like a little elf cos of the green pants and the little gold prewalkers that she was wearing!

The weather was perfect, nice sunny day with a bit of breeze late in the day. Everything went off without a hitch, the girls looked great, my dress stayed together (yay!!), food was yummy and the speeches didnt drone on for hours!(yay!)

Sunday, October 4, 2009


At long last, the flowergirl dresses for my sisters wedding have been finished. If you scroll back through, you will see lots of shots of WIP but these ones are just to show the zipper and hem finishing.. The lovely ladies in my EB sewing group have read about the frustrations that I have had with the zippers.. in order they are:
- satin material. never again.
- material kept 'puckering' (I have inserted numerous zippers before and NEVER had this problem!) the puckering continued after umm.. i donno about 7 attempts..
- thought i'd solved this problem by using my walking foot. brilliant in theory right? in practicality, nope. Walking feet arn't made for inserting zippers.
- scratched my head abit more, had a whinge about it, and then a lovely lovely lady (and im soo sorry I can't remember who it was) suggested I go and talk to someone in a shop .. thought about it and rang the ladies at the shop where I purchased my SM from.. suggestion.. invisible zipper. of cos!! so anyhow, bundled both kidlets into the car to go and buy the invisible zipper foot and then off to spotlight for the zippers. FIRST GO they both went in perfect. Very very happy! still a tiny bit of puckering but once they are put on it pretty much disappers (well enough to keep bridezilla at bay anyhow.. )

hems?? no problems here!!

please excuse the neglected lawn in the background.. !)

anyhow, they have now gone off to their new home waiting for the big day (11 sleeps to go!)
I will miss these dresses.. I know they are not 100% perfect and all, and there is a few imperfections I still think they are perfect and the girls are going to look so so precious in them!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Flowergirl dress progress..

i know i know.. not the best photography skills being demonstrated here. This was Saturday PM after a good session with the sewing machine. All thats left now is to finish putting the zippers in (mental note to self.. use lots of pins. and even if you think thats enough, use more. satin is a very very slippery material to try and work with.. ) and to do the hems!! yay!!!
A good iron is also needed.. but not today!