Tuesday, July 28, 2009

patterns patterns patterns

ok so heres the list of what I own. I thought that I really didn't have many.. but I have found all my little pattern hidey-holes and heres what I have come up with:

Butterick 3846 NB, S, M (baby girls)
Butterick 3782 one size (baby girls)
Simplicity 8540 Size 2,3,4 (girls)
Kwik Sew 3398 size xs-xl (boys)
Simplicity 4243 size xxs-l (baby girls)
simplicity 5316 xxs-l (baby girls)
simplicty 2907 size 1/2 to 4 (girls & boys)
kwick sew 3100 t1-t4 (little boys)
newlook 6363 size nb-l (little girls/boys)
butterick 6280 size l & xl (but also think i have nb-m somewhere..) (girls)
kwik sew 3089 size xs-xl) (sleeping bag pattern that can be sewn with eyes closed)
uptown girl jacket (make it perfect)
downtown boy jacket (make it perfect)

o&s sailboat top, pants & skirt
o&S 2+2 blouse & skirt
o&s teaparty sundress bloomers & playsuit
little explorer overalls

Feliz dress
any other o+s patterns - either boy or girl, i have one of each but in the smaller sizes
bag patterns
a million dollars
someone to come and clean my house

thats it for tonight..I was hoping to have this in a thingy on the side so it wouldn't get lost anywhere but it seems that I am to retarded to be able to do that!

take care,

Friday, July 24, 2009

downtown boy & uptown girl

Its 11pm on a Friday night and in previous years there is no way I would be sitting at home on a computer.. you would normally find me somewhere that served alcohol.. but alas, times have changed!

Soooo for tonight instead I will share with you my downtown boy jacket which I have just finished sewing - there was no swearing or throwing of sharp implements involved in this project, which according to DH is a rarity..
Here he is. Apologies about the cruddy photo.. can't be perfect at everythinggggg... Will try my best to get action shots tomorrow when it is being worn by Mr Jacob..

For now tho, here is the action shot of uptown girl proudly being modelled by Miss Ebony!

(just in case you are wondering, no she didn't get the lolly.. she was being teased with it.. HONESTLY!!)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The First Entry

Sooo.. here it is.. my blog. Welcome.

How do I start?

I could start by saying that I have at least 2 different items that I have recently "created" to take photos of and blog.. one being the downtown girl jacket and the other a simple little pinafore that is wayyy to big for my little girl, but since the camera battery is flat and im using the wrong computer to upload pics I will begin by showing you the flowergirl dresses that I have agreed to help make for my sisters upcomming wedding in October... so without futher ado, here they are..


material has been purchased and ive almost finished cutting out the material for the dummy run that we are doing to make sure the fit is correct before hacking into the expensive stuff.. wish me luck cos sure as hell im gonna need it!! (my sister has gone from kinda "go with the flow" to "over the top bridezilla.. " and the person she is getting married to had turned into "groomzilla" - of all the weddings I have played a part in recently, I have never met "groomzilla" yet so not sure exactly what im up against!!).

Give me a day or two and I'll have pics up and everything!

Have a good day