Saturday, September 12, 2009

Flowergirl dress progress..

i know i know.. not the best photography skills being demonstrated here. This was Saturday PM after a good session with the sewing machine. All thats left now is to finish putting the zippers in (mental note to self.. use lots of pins. and even if you think thats enough, use more. satin is a very very slippery material to try and work with.. ) and to do the hems!! yay!!!
A good iron is also needed.. but not today!

More Material

First, a spotlight purchase.. not sure what the creamy stuff is called but its satiny and has pretty pink flowers with green leaves embroidered into it (it came from the clearance table for $8 per metre! yay!).. and the green is just some plain satiny stuff. These two together will *hopefully* make DD an outfit for my sisters upcoming wedding.. using pattern New Look 6473 views B & D.

This is my big big big etsy purchase from I believe this is called Movin' on Cars by Robert Kaufman. Not sure exactly what its going to become yet, but I have 2 yards of it so the possibilities are endless.. maybe a pair of shorts for DS..
Again, from the same shop, some of the Oh! Boy from David Walker. No idea either what im going to do with it, but i liked so i bought!
And lastly, I believe almost all the range of Apple by Alice Kennedy. I liked the owls to start with, then looked through the rest of the range.. and yeh well couldnt help myself so i bought a bit of it all. I think all that im missing is the owls with brown background...

oh.. nearly forgot.. this is my "almost free" spotlight purchase, received a card in the mail last week - $10 giftcard!! so off i went, spied the blue sharkies and still had a few dollars left to spend so got the stripes as well.. cost - $5ish.. woot!!