Sunday, October 4, 2009


At long last, the flowergirl dresses for my sisters wedding have been finished. If you scroll back through, you will see lots of shots of WIP but these ones are just to show the zipper and hem finishing.. The lovely ladies in my EB sewing group have read about the frustrations that I have had with the zippers.. in order they are:
- satin material. never again.
- material kept 'puckering' (I have inserted numerous zippers before and NEVER had this problem!) the puckering continued after umm.. i donno about 7 attempts..
- thought i'd solved this problem by using my walking foot. brilliant in theory right? in practicality, nope. Walking feet arn't made for inserting zippers.
- scratched my head abit more, had a whinge about it, and then a lovely lovely lady (and im soo sorry I can't remember who it was) suggested I go and talk to someone in a shop .. thought about it and rang the ladies at the shop where I purchased my SM from.. suggestion.. invisible zipper. of cos!! so anyhow, bundled both kidlets into the car to go and buy the invisible zipper foot and then off to spotlight for the zippers. FIRST GO they both went in perfect. Very very happy! still a tiny bit of puckering but once they are put on it pretty much disappers (well enough to keep bridezilla at bay anyhow.. )

hems?? no problems here!!

please excuse the neglected lawn in the background.. !)

anyhow, they have now gone off to their new home waiting for the big day (11 sleeps to go!)
I will miss these dresses.. I know they are not 100% perfect and all, and there is a few imperfections I still think they are perfect and the girls are going to look so so precious in them!

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  1. Kyls you have done an absolutely lovely job with these projects, I hope you are very proud of what you have accomplished and I am positive that the girls will look STUNNING :) You must post some photos of the big day :)

    Have loved following your journey of the dresses!

    Beautiful! *applauds*