Thursday, October 29, 2009

Opening Day!

I've participated in the EB beginners sewing group stocking filler swap!
I nominated to make 2 gifts and receive a gift for both Jacob & Ebony!

The first item is for Jacob which was made by Aimee - was a lovely crayon roll made out of Thomas the Tank Engine fabric.! Aimee was also nice enough to include some TTTE stickers, coloring in book and sticker book! Good pick Aimee, we are TTTE mad in this house!

Not sure why Jacob is looking like a stunned mullet this morning - maybe he woke up too early!

Thanks again Aimee, and also a big thank you to Emma for organising the swap!


  1. Crayon rolls are the best, this one is so cute. Perfect fabric for a little man. Very generous extra's too, great prezzie, he loos so pleased :)

  2. That crayon roll is great....Great swap gift!!!!

  3. What little boy wouldn't love a thomas crayon roll with goodies!